Strange sound on the highway between Jacksonville and Tallahassee


The author was driving when he heard that sound and recordered it. It was on the highway between Jacksonville and Tallahassee, Florida, on May 12, 2012.

The author’s comments:

I really cant explain what I herd that morning. I was heading to my new command in Jacksonville FL. I was between Tallahassee and Jacksonville at the time… I started to hear this very strange sound It was strange. I am just posting this because I know there have been Sounds herd all over the planet lately that sound very similar to this sound. I was very skeptical about all these videos until I herd it … It was honestly scary
I am trying everything in my power to figure out what it was. There are several theories ,one is that the earths core is slowing down and the tectonic plates are building pressure, and the other is that the earths magnetic poles are weakening and getting ready to flip from north to south, still another is that it’s H.a.r.p.sending high energy into the ionosphere, or it’s Aliens! I wont sit on here tho and say its any of those. but i will ask for some strong suportive ideas of what it may have been.

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