Strange Sounds in Ankara, Republic of Turkey, October 2012


Strange Sounds in Ankara, Republik of Turkey, 8 October 2012

These Strange Sounds were caught on a sunny day in Ankara, Republic of Turkey. This is one of the few videos caught during the day. As we can see, the house is settled in a remote place without any noise pollution. So to me it seems that the Strange Sounds heard all around Turkey last month (21st september 2012: see plenty of video on this page) were just the beginning. The strange sounds in this video are similar to those of blowing winds.

Turkish: daha önce istanbul’da, izmir’de ve ankara’da duyulduğu söylenen garip sesi birkaç hafta önce istanbuldayken duymuştum. şimdi ise ankarada 8 ekim pazartesi sabah saat 8 civarında duydum ve hemen kaydettim. gündemdeki ilginç olaylardan biri olduğu için kaydettik. nokia 5800 ile .

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