Track Ghosts with your iPhone


Ghostbusters on the smartphone: Adding an antenny to your iphone could help you to detect electromagnetic fields emitted from mysterious “sources”. Spirit detection is associated with considerable technical effort, as shown by huge Hollywood production such as Ghostbusters. This will probably change since it will soon be possible to transform his own iPhone into an EMF (ElectroMagnetic Field) detector. Electromagnetic fields (EMF) are found wherever electricity flows. Interesting is then when the radiation source is not due to a device in the vicinity. And this is where the new technique called “Mr. Ghost” finds its potential if you believe the winking self-promotion of the inventor. EMF will be measured by a plastic coated antenna pluged into the headphone jack of the Apple smartphone. The strength of the electromagnetic fields will be stored and displayed on the the associated app.

In the following video, the inventor measures the radiation around a flat screen TV.

This new device is not yet available but exist as a prototype. The developer, Aaron Rasmussen, collects money through the crowd-funding platform games Kickstarter. Soon he will go into production. The price will approach 20$. The intended goal of funding $ 7000 has already been exceeded. Meanwhile, at least 343 small investors have ordered a detector.

The inventor asserts that he was working with experts to make Mr. Ghost reliable. The essay is available in several colors with its iPhone, iPad compatible (except the iPad mini) and the newer iPod touch generations. An android version is also planned.

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