Amateur Astronomer Records A Strange Explosion in the Sky, Sacramento, California, USA, December 30 2012


December 30 2012 – Amateur Astronomer Records A Strange Explosion in the Sky

First I hope you had a great start in this New Year!

CBS 13 Sacramento reports that Elijah Prychodzko, an amateur astronomer, caught on Dec. 20 at around 5 p.m. a sudden burst of light through his telescope and recorded that strange sight with his smartphone through the eyepiece of a telescope. After having it enlarged to get a better look, CBS13 shared the video with experts to see if they could solve the mystery. Follow the whole story about this weird sky explosion in the following video. Very interesting. What do you think this could be? Pretty mysterious and still unexplained! Puzzling. The vatican expert say it could be some sort of light refraction.

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