Loud Booms Compilation in Colorado and California, January 16 2013


Loud Booms in Colorado

I live in pueblo, CO and I have heard about 6 or 7 loud booms an hour. They are very weird and I was wondering what they were. And no, it is not one of my neighbors.

I’ve been hearing them too. My dogs have been going insane over it. I’m in bessemer. I’m watching the news as we speak and somebody posted that Ft. Carson is doing some testing with artillery up near the springs. If ya ask me, I think there’s a lil more to it than that. Those rumbles are loud AND powerful, I can only imagine what it feels and sounds like up at the test site!
Source(s): KKTV 11 News

I live in the westside and I been hearing them the past few nights too but tonight its been very repetitive and shaking my whole house. :/

Loud Booms in California

Very loud, unusual sound in Pasadena near Bodkin about 4:45. Anyone else hear it or know what it was???

I heard a really loud booming sound in Chesterfield at around 3:30 am.

I live on Bodkin been also hearing loud booming almost like explosion sound …shakes house


  1. The booms in Pueblo were actually artillery. I’m assigned to the unit that was doing the training at the time, and we were doing a live fire certification exercise at that time in January.

    • Thank You! Would it be possible to send me some boom advisories when you know you will have some trainings. Is there a place to get this information. Would be great to inform everybody around every bases in the country and then in the world!

      Thank you for your help!


  2. Heard a loud explosion sound at about 8:45PM near Corona, CA. I went outside to see what had happened and a lot of my neighbors were outside wondering what had happened as well. Anyone nearby hear the same thing?

    • Yes, it happened again right now behind my house. I saw the flash heard a loud boom and saw the resultant cloud of smoke.

  3. In Western KY the sound and shaking was about every 5 to 10 min. It’s been happening since last year but yesterday was the worst. None today.

  4. Same thing in Western KY yesterday. About every 10 min. Has been going on for 4/6 months but yesterday was the loudest and most frequent I’ve heard. USGS shows it not to be activity within the earth. Called a friend that lived almost three miles away. He would get the sound and then 5 to 6 sec later I would hear it. That’s the speed of sound travel not the speed of an earthquake.

  5. I live in Ocean Springs, MS and you can here the loud booms here too. The news is reporting that its Soinc booms. It sure is strange that its happening all over the US.

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