Strange Sounds from the Sky Mississauga, Ontario, Canada – January 9 2013


January 9 2013 – Mississauga, Canada. These strange sounds were recorded @ 2:15pm from the Sky of Ontario. The loud strange noise lasted around 5 minutes and is similar to that of an airplane passing by. The recorder explains he tried to figure out the exact source of the weird sound, went out front of the building visible in the video then to the back without any luck. No planes were flying by at this time. Moreover he did not locate any heavy equipment around. Finally the sound did not come from the wind (you can hear the wind actually when he is walking back and forth to try to locate the source). So what could it be? A military jet? The noise lasted 5 min or more which is too long for any military jets. Maybe is the sound coming from another locality (sound travels far due to cold weather)? Well let me know if you have other ideas!

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  1. I’m hearing the same sounds in Milton, Ontario every morning. No planes, no traffic. Lasts for an hour or two and then stops. Very unsettling!

  2. Guys,

    These are massive energetic particles expelled from the sun. They are passing through the atmosphere at hundreds of miles per second. I have been tracking them on my research blog:

  3. Montreal,Canada. Just heard that noise sounded like a plane just swished by my window,@6am…looked out,no chance of anything..very strange and really scary.

  4. I’ve heard this same noise for the last week. I work late afternoons and at approx 3:05am I hear this sound for about 5-10 minutes, different length each time but it suddenly stops and then nothing. I wonder what this is. kinda scary to think of the possibilities. oh and I’m in the kw country area where I heard this and I hear trains in the distance all the time and this was a more intense right over your head kinda train sound.

  5. Okay, so I finally found a video of someone who recorded the same noise (or same sounding noise) one province over in Manitoba on a different date. This is the same exact sound I heard from 9pm to 9:15pm tonight in Toronto: Not joking here.

  6. this is exactly what i heard last night! it was so weird, and it was also extremely windy. it sounded more like an engine or train above, not like wind usually does.

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