Mysterious Whidbey Island Landslide: Thirty Homes Threatened After Massive Landslide On Washington Island


massive landslide washington island march 2013

Approximately thirty homes are threatened as swathe of coastline falls into sea after massive landslide on Washington island. One home got destroyed and 33 other properties are isolated or threatened. Landslide broke across 500 yards on cliff side and 600 yards to the water. Residents reported hearing a noise ‘like thunder’ at 4 a.m. Wednesday. Officials do not know what caused the slide as there has not been rain.

Image of davastation and desolation: At least 17 homes have been evacuated on Whidbey Island following a massive landslide. – Daily Mail

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landslide destrucs 30 houses in washington state march 2013


  1. Maybe not related, but i live a few miles from this incident. The news of course did not mention any noises and blamed a rainstorm from the previous week.
    What i think is strange is that at about 1AM the morning of the 31st my wife and i both heard a very loud boom. There was no light to accompany the noise. Just a quiet clear night outside. No barking dogs, no neighbors looking out the windows.

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