Mysterious Symmetry of Religion: Twin Pyramids and Parallel Temples Across the Pacific Ocean


Symmetry is everywhere!

It is even found in temples constructed by unrelated communities across the Pacific. Amazing.

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Left: Baksei Temple built during the Khmer Empire (9 – 13 AD). Right: The Temple of the Masks in Guatemala.

Although the temples – Khmer’s Baksei (left) and the Mayan’s Temple of the Masks (right) – are strikingly similar, the people that built them are completely unrelated. The Khmer and the Mayans were indeed separated by the Pacific ocean.

This is the evidence of a deeper symmetry of cults and traditions that two cultures share despite the vast distance separating them.

Look at these remarkable similarities: the number three, for example, seems to be the focus of both stepped pyramids, which have three main platforms or steps. Additionally, there is a fourth, smaller step located atop the third step in both pyramids, reachable by a much smaller set of stairs:

remarkable similarities between temples and pyramids across the pacific ocean

The stairways leading to the temple tops of both pyramids are extremely steep, to the point that tourists visiting both of these temples often require a long rope stretching from the top of the monuments to the bottom. This precaution, a necessary one, alleviates much of the danger of climbing such steep stairways:

stairway to heaven

There are still many other parallels shared by the Maya and Khmer cultures. For example, both built corbelled arches, which seem to have both a symbolic and a functional purpose.

parallel between khmer and maya cultures

Furthermore, the cultures also created identical stone sculptures with similar stylized patterns. Based on the similar stone architecture of their respective temples, it can be hypothesized that both cultures clearly shared the same cults, symbols and maybe religions:

parallel may and khmer religious temples

In addition to the pyramids, Triptych temples are found on both sides of the Pacific Ocean, a fact not yet understood by academia.

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Sacred geometry is also observed in planets! Enjoy!

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