Spectacular Earth Phenomenon: Volcanic Smoke Rings During Eruption of Mt Etna Italy


When I used to smoke, I always tried to make smoke rings… Without success!

When Mount Etna erupted on April 11,2013, it created amazing smoke rings. These so-called toroidal vortices or volcanic smoke rings are rare, but well-documented.

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Volcanic smoke rings form under special conditions. It probably requires a particular geolometric configuration of a circular vent exit, as well as expulsion of gas in individual puffs with just the right velocity to create these amazing weather phenomena.

perfect smoke ring from etna

Toroidal vortices are quite rare, but have been witnessed at several volcanoes, including Stromboli, Etna and Eyjafjallajokull in Iceland in May 2010. Etna released in 2000 hundreds of smoke rings each day, in rapid succession during several months.

etna volcano smoke ring april 2013

Is the Devil sitting inside the volcano having some brandy and smoking a cigar?

The smoke rings featured in this video were filmed by Geoff Mackley on 8th June 2000 during an eruption of Mt Etna in Sicily, Italy.

Such weird smoke rings are also forming over lakes and cities around the world.

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