Mysterious and Climate Related Animal Die-offs in the USA, England, Italy and China


This post features some new mass animal die-offs around the world. As you will figure it out by yourself, most fish die-offs reported here are linked to climate change (extreme temperatures, low oxygen), but also to pollution. The whale and shark stranding cases are still unresolved. Well it is another demonstration that our activity is completely changing our environment and that we maybe have to change some of our habits! Take care of your Beloved and of our Earth!


Mysterious Stranding of 6 bottlenose dolphins in New Jersey – APP

Six bottlenose dolphins were found dead along the Jersey Shore this week, but what killed them remains a mystery.


Strange Fish kill in Lake Ariel Pennsylvania: At least 10,000 fish dead – The Times Tribune

Officials are investigating at least 10,000 fish that died in Lake Ariel. The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission notified the state Department of Environmental Protection of what they called a “fish kill” Wednesday morning, according to DEP spokesman Kevin Sunday. Mr. Sunday said specialists conducted sampling, but had no information on the results of the testing Friday.


Dead bonnethead shark strands near New Smyrna Beach (Florida) – Wesh

Bonnethead shark photo, Bonnethead shark stranding florida photo

It didn’t appear the animal was dead for long and there was no obvious signs of injury.


Fish dying in the Assabet River (Massachusetts) due to high temperature – Metro West Daily News

Hundreds of fish were found dead last weekend in the Assabet River after apparently dying from water temperatures elevated by the heat wave, one of as many as 30 fish kills each year, state officials said.


Fish Kill related to thunderstorm in Pittville Park in Cheltenham (Britain) – Telegraph

Theories for the deaths include thunderstorms and a deadly form of algae, after environment officials found oxygen levels in the lake at Pittville Park, Cheltenham, were unusually low.


Increased temperature kills hundreds of fish at Cannon Hill Park in Birmingham (Britain) – Birmingham Mail

Environment experts fear the heatwave has taken its toll after hundreds of fish have died at a Birmingham park.


Massive fish die-off in the Lea River near Walthamstow (Britain) – Guardian

Fish die after being starved of oxygen in extreme weather


Mysterious Fish die-off in the central lagoon in coastal Venice (Italy) – Nuova Venezia

fish die-off venice italy

Thousands of dead fish were seen floating Friday night and yesterday morning in some areas of the central lagoon. In the morning the dead fish has also spread in the internal channels of the city, also spotted in the Grand Canal. Fish probably died from a lack of oxygenPhenomenon also happened in other summers, but that now appears more massive.


Dead salamanders near lake in Osoyoos (Canada) – Global News

The family suspects the salamander deaths have to do with the water quality at a lake across the highway from their property.

Some are smart around! Look at this link for nice photos of the lake

Hundreds of fish found dead in the Provo River (Utah) – Herald Extra

Fish reported dying at Grand Lake St. Marys (Ohio) – Daily Standard

Second sperm whale in four days found dead at beach in the Philippine Islands – Philstar

Thousands of fish found dead in creek in Taichung (China) – Liberty Times

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