Mysterious and Unexplained Phenomena: Sinkholes, Wildfires, Mass Die-Offs, Animal Attacks


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Sinkhole Formations

Sandbar collapses on Chickasawhay River in Greene County, Mississippi: Two 6-year-old boys disappear– MSN

Missing man after ground slide on the American River near Sacramento, California – CBS

Young boy almost dies after falling into sinkhole in Jackson, Mississippi – MSN

Sinkhole swallows truck in Jackson, Mississippi – MSN

Sinkhole swallows car in Montreal Canada – CTV News



Wildfire near Yarnell, Arizona grows to 2000 acres and turns deadly – Huf

Wildfire erupts on Merritt Island, Florida – Flo Today

Heatwave in Southern California hot enough to ground planes – CBS


Animal Die-Offs

1200 birds found dead on island in the Caspian Sea off Kazakhstan – Newskaz
Sperm whale washes ashore dead near Chetco Point in coastal Brookings, Oregon Katu
Toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) outbreak at Milford Reservoir north of Farnum Creek (Kansas) – Hisz

Animal Attacks

Alligator attacks boat in Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge, FloridaSun Sentinel

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