Sinkhole Compilation in the USA: North Carolina, Virginia, Wisconsin, Vermont – July 2013


This post is a compilation of sinkhole formations that occurred within the last 5 days. There were some large as well as some medium cave-ins that sometimes even blocked roads. We keep you updated on strange phenomenon and mysterious things happening in the usa but also around the world. Hope  you enjoy this! If so, follow us on Facebook and Twitter

Sinkhole in Burlington Vermont – SF GateBurlington Freepress

amazing sinkhole closes road in Gilead Sinkhole

Sinkhole near the Pheasant Branch Conservancy in Middleton Wisconsin – NBC 15 

Two sinkholes form in field in Roanoke Virginia – Roanoke

two sinkholes open up in fields in usa

Sinkhole opens up on road in Huntersville North Carolina – Cornelius News

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