Mysterious Stranding of 22 Pilot Whales near La Coruna in Galicia, Spain


What’s going on in the waters off the Northern coast of Spain these days? After the discovery of a mysterious giant squid in Cantabria, 22 pilot whales washed up and died on a beach near La Coruna in Galicia yesterday.

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What did kill 22 pilot whales in Galicia spain on october 7 2013?

A natural mystery is unfolding in Spain after 22 long-finned pilot whales came ashore at Manon Beach, north of La Coruna, Galicia, Spain today. Sadly 11 of the whales died on arrival to the beach and the others died later despite the efforts of the Spanish Civil Protection, environmentalists and Galicia Coordination mammalian studies.

A theory is dominant: if a dominant or leader whale is sick and beaches, other whales in the group will follow because of the way their social structure works, and also run aground. Follow this link for more mass die-off reports.

I would rather bet on underwater military exercises!

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