Run of Bad Luck: Mexico Struck by 6 Quakes After Last Month’s Deadly Tropical Storms


After Manuel and Ingrid last month, a series of 6 quakes, two reaching at least 5.0- magnitude, struck Sunday in the Mexican state of Guerrero.

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Mysterious earthquake swarm jolts Mexico on October 6 2013;

All six quakes were recorded between 9am local time (1500 GMT) and 10.36am (1636 GMT), and so far no damage has been reported in Guerrero state. The epicenter of the strongest quake, 5.21-magnitude, at 9.27 local time (1527 GMT), was located in the mountainous area where a September 16 mudslide buried a whole town. The quakes were also felt with moderate intensity in the resort town of Acapulco, which is recovering from the massive flooding brought on when storms Ingrid and Manuel swept across the country in mid-September.

Conclusion: Move away from risk areas, such as slopes and cracks in the ground!

On September 29 2013, a huge meteorite crashed in Yucatan creating power outages.

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