Each Year 10,000 Dolphins are Illegally Killed for Shark Bait in Peru


Dolphins are chopped and skinned alive in Peru to use as shark bait for Asian delicacy

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Dolphins illegally killed for shark baits in Peru. Photo: Youtube

Animal conservation groups are enraged over the brutal slaughtering of thousands of dolphins off the coast of Peru, where the mammals are used as shark bait for an Asian delicacy known as shark fin soup.

The London-based Ecologist Film Unit recently recorded one of the hunts in an undercover investigation and released its material. The disturbing video shows the crew plunging a harpoon into the pod, and once captured, the carnage begins.

Both the dolphin and shark populations have been devastated by the hunt, and a new investigation reveals that at least 10,000 dolphins are killed off the coast of Peru each year by fisherman who use them as shark bait, according to watchdog group Asociación Mundo Azul.

Shark fin soup is a very expensive dish in China, among other Asian countries. The extravagant dish comes at a much higher cost — not only on a humane and ethical level, but the price paid could be the disruption of our oceans’ entire ecosystem.

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  1. Why in the earth this people continue killing this friendly creatures only for shark bait. Have a heart on this pityful creatures who sometimes rescue humans in danger. God gives us intelligence to be the protector of some species that are living together with us, but not to be the cause of their extinction. Don’t use the greediness and have mercy in creatures around us.

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