Strange Animal Behavior: Deadly Cobra Snakes Protect a Sleeping Baby (VIDEO)


This video shows four potentially deadly cobras protecting a sleeping baby in India. Many web users points the parents’ irresponsibility.

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These images were shared on the website YouTube on October 13, 2013. They show a baby asleep in a deckchair surrounded by 4 special guards: cobra snakes! It looks like they are protecting him from people trying to approach the child.

These images, as you can imagine it, have provoked strong reactions on the net. But how can parents leave their children with snakes? After some research, cobras’ teeth are often removed to make them harmless.

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  1. That is the craziest thing I have ever seen. What’s the science behind this? Can’t say I’m horrified as the snakes are obviously not interested in harming the child, but mighty intrigued on why they are behaving this way. God’s creation is truly mindblowing.

  2. In Nepal and India, snales (cobras especially) are viewed with honor and are considered protectors. One needs to understand the culture and the history before making judgments.

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