Huge Sinkholes Swallow Women in New Zealand and USA – February 2014


During last week, two women have been swallowed by large and deep sinkholes in the US and in New Zealand. Here are the reports!

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An old woman fell into a large sinkhole that formed in front of her house in Atlanta, Georgia on February 6 2014. Photo: Fow News

It’s sinkhole time! After the stormy events of last week, large holes form in the ground and people are being swallowed. Remember, end of January a young girl fell into an almost deadly sinkhole in front of her school in  Detroit and another swallowed a car in Walter’s Ash, High Wycombe, UK.

Georgia man rescues his wife from 8-foot sinkhole in Atlanta – February 2014

Asreported by Fox News, a Georgia man ran to the rescue after his wife fell into a sinkhole that opened up near the front door of their home in Atlanta. This woman is 74, and was leaving home for work last Wednesday morning when she plunged into the  8 feet deep and 12 feet wide sinkhole. She only suffered minor injuries. According to authorities, the sinkhole formed overnight because of a faulty storm water line installed underneath the house, that washed away the soil.

Doctor fells into a sinkhole full of dead animals on Takaka Hill, near the Ngarua Caves, New Zealand – February 2014

As reported by The New Zealand Herald, Jill Clendon, a Nelson doctor, had been out on Takaka Hill, near the Ngarua Caves, yesterday checking out a course for an orienteering event when she got swallowed by a 10m (around 30 ft) deep sinkhole. After discovering a few cuts and bruises, she turned her attention to what she was sitting on. The hole was full of dead animals: “There was definitely a small cow, so maybe a calf and a sheep and wetas and stuff like that. They were well dead, mainly just bones. It wasn’t too bad, it was just cold – really, really cold.”

Pretty impressive, no?

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