Mysterious Yellowstone whispers: Listen to the eerie Yellowstone lake music


Yellowstone Lake is a place where millions go seeking solitude and silence.

Some visitors to the Lake area have experienced remarkable celestial sounds of unknown and unexplained origin. And nobody wants to talk about it!

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Yellowstone Lake in Yellowstone National Park. Photo: HSID

Any kind of Bigfoot thing or alien conspiracy? Probably not! The Yellowstone Lake sounds aren’t often discussed by park insiders. It’s a kind of mystery that nobody wants to talk about.

But, respected scientists and prominent park figures have reported hearing the sounds, and accounts have appeared in books, journals and newspapers (also over Greenland), although the last new written report may have been as far back as the 1930s.

Theories on the cause of the sound include flocks of birds in flight. erupting volcanic gases, seismic activity, and the grounding of static electricity in the lake. Of coarse there are also ghost stories associated with the phenomenon that suggest that the sound is produced by spirits of Native Americans or drowning victims.

It’s been referred to as music, a hum, or a whisper, but an explanation of a mysterious noise that has been heard by some people over Yellowstone Lake has never been found.

You have to dig deep into old papers, newspapers and books to find a trace of these strange sounds, but it seems that this weird noise has been noted by several reliable sources, in the vicinity of Shoshone Lake, to the south of Yellowstone Lake, since the early days of the Park’s exploration.

As described by Hiram M. Chittenden (engineer with rigorous scientific discipline) in 1895 in his book, The Yellowstone National Park: Historical and Descriptive, these mysterious Hums

[quote_box_center]Resemble the ringing of telegraph wires or the humming of a swarm of bees, beginning softly in the distance, growing rapidly plainer until directly overhead, and then fading as rapidly in the opposite direction…[/quote_box_center]

Edwin Linton, a professor of biology at Washington and Jefferson Colleg, wrote an article about his weird  Yellowstone Lake Music experience in the scientific journal Science in November 3, 1893 and describes this odd humming sounds as being:

[quote_box_center]… Directly overhead and to pass off across the sky, growing fainter and fainter towards the southwest. It appeared to be a rather indefinite, reverberating sound, characterized by a slight metallic resonance…[/quote_box_center]

Other witnesses described the weird sound as “harp-like” or similar to human voices or the sound of metal cables crashing against each other, but no satisfactory explanation has yet been offered for their origin.

Here a record of the interesting sounds of the thermal activity in Yellowstone:

Could these strange Yellowstone whispers another example of the Hum phenomenon? Is this another proof of their existence?

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