Weird and Mysterious Phenomenon in a Pond: Can Anybody Tell me What the Hell is That?


This is really weird phenomenon this Youtuber caught on camera. The ground is moving, has a red color and ice melts on top of it. Could it be a living toxic sludge? Or is it an underground spring with reddish colored mud roiling up and down, thus keeping the ice from forming with its heat, but looking like some flesh that is moving?

From the video:

STORY BEFORE FOOTAGE – So i was walking with my dog in the evening just before sunset, we were travelling into vast fields of nature to escape common modern view. By accident I found a pond. It catched my interest since i saw a waterhole in the middle of it. Usually people drills waterholes in their ponds where fish lives, at winter time, so fish can breathe. I thought i will see some fishes and stuff…

But as soon as i came closer, i noticed that it was evaporating. You can’t see this in the video since i was filming with my phone which has shitty camera. When i stepped on that frozen pond, farther away from that waterhole (where i was standing) ice was 20 centimeters thick or even more. And that waterhole looked like it was melted with fire or something… You can see around that waterhole that there is snow or maybe ice particles blasted away from the center of this waterhole.

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Another amazing phenomenon: underwater mystery crop circle made by tiny male puffer fish

What was underwater there is still unknown to me. It is not volcanic activity. In the middle of Europe there are no volcanos or underground volcanic currents. Plus water would be boiling. There are no pipes in the middle of nowhere, so not a damaged pipe… Natural Gas or oil? Impossible, it is not hot and why only the part of this whole pond is melted just above this thing/activity-reason? I don’t know anymore.

Well can anybody help us? I am also lost! But I would go for my second explanation (see above). Give me your opinion in the comments or on Facebook.

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