This is awesome! Street Musician Jams with Two Strangers (VIDEO)

Music in its most pristine form feels like freedom!


This is the amazing moment when two strangers join a street performer to perform a great music gig!

A first stranger joins (@1:00). He has a really great voice.  Just when you think that this couldn’t get any better a third person joins in on the jam session and starts rapping over the guitar playing. Too cool!

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This street musician jam with strangers in the street. Nice video

This is the description from Jaime Tatos Maldonado, the recorder of this video: ‘I was walking to kroger and saw this guy playing a song. It sounded good so I decided to record it. By the end of the song three guys started jamming. This truly is music in its simplest form. It really reminds of the Austin days. Enjoy’.

The street musician name is Jesse Rya.

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