Is this a piece of rocket? A ballistic missile? Well, although still unexplained, it is really weird what appeared after recent floods in this small village of Siberia.

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What is this strange metal cylinder unearthed by the recent floods in Siberia (Russia). Photo: Youtube video

Of course I let you imagine the stupefaction of these residents when they discovered in front of their doorstep this huge and mysterious metal cylinder.

Nobody knows where it came from but bloggers believe this 16-foot-long metal cylinder is the remain of  a huge intercontinental ballistic missile unearthed by the recent Siberian floods.

Aleksey Yaskin, a professor of aerospace engineering at Biysk Technology University, told Reuters that it may be the first stage of a rocket. Russian rockets are launched from Kazakhstan and sometimes fly over this area. Some say the tube belongs to a local resident who found it at a dump and brought it to his garden to store water. But this does not tell us where this mysterious thing is from!

What do you think it is?

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