Augusta Loud Booms: Strange Sounds Over Augusta Linked to Air Force Trainings?


Augusta loud booms: Did you also hear some strange sounds coming from the sky over Augusta, Georgia on August 20 2014?

They may be linked to sonic booms although nothing is quite sure!

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Loud booms were heard in Augusta, Ga on August 20, 2014. A photo of Augusta, Georgia.

In this video, you will hear some faint strange sounds caught outside a house on 8/20/2014 at around 10:50am in Augusta, GA. Unfortunately, he only caught the last two reverberations out of quite a few. The uploader first belived it was a jet. But no jets were around and the noise started and stopped far too quickly for that to be a satisfactory explanation.

In the local news however, they speak from army trainings at Fort Gordon going on the same day (afternoon and evening tests). The aircraft involved are Air Force Reserve C-130 cargo planes from Marietta, Ga. The planes are flying at low altitudes as a necessary part of the training. This may create loud rumbling noises.

There is a witness that saw the planes and he reports that they were not C-130s. They were instead fighters. So probably jets going sonic!

So what the heck!?! We have eye-witness reports of strange sounds, an official narrative to explain the sounds, no evidence to support that narrative, and accounts that contradict the narrative.

So what else could these loud booms have been?

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  1. Heard a loud boom sound in sun valley ca at 2:00 on 8/24/14. Went outside nothing. It was so loud it set off all the car alarms in the neighborhood. Didn’t here any police or fire vehicles. Wonder what it was? I been seeing all the stories about the mystery booms and now I hear one for myself.

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