Bardarbunga Volcano: Humming Sound, Toxic Gases and Floods At Bardarbunga Volcano


Apart from toxic gases and flooding threat, the Bardarbunga Volcano emits strange humming sounds.

Threat of flooding and toxic gases closes eruption site to all!

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Bardarbunga Volcano Humming Sound – Strange Sounds

Many of you probably wonder how it feels at the Bardarbunga eruption site! What about the smell? Is it warm? Do you hear any noises? Well the team of Iceland Review Online was on site and reports:

1. The smell was not so bad since most of the time the wind was off in the other direction. But once it turned we found a strong smell of sulfur. Of course they had the gas masks on!

2. We could get quite close to the lava. When we were about one meter from the lava it was like being next to an oven on a stove. When closer the heat was extremely high.

3. The noise in the craters was like a constant humming in a jet engine. The lava was flowing very slowly and there was a strange noise, some sort of crackle that is difficult to explain.

As there are still no videos of the Bardarbunga Volcano sound, I picked one up from a volcano erupting in Iceland Fimmvörðuháls, by Eyjafjallajökull on 03.30.2010. Listen to the rumbling gas explosions coming from the ground. It’s like a heart beating.

These volcanic humming sounds are probably the heart of our breathing earth.

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