The Kokomo Hum Scientific Investigation


Complaints about the “Kokomo Hum” began in 1999, when a handful of local residents began to report a constant low-pitched rumbling noise.

They say they developed a range of mysterious health problems soon after, including dizziness, diarrhea, extreme fatigue, joint and muscle pain, nosebleeds, and excruciating, unending headaches.

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Sound waves on oscilloscope. Investigating the kokomo hum in Indiana

In response to residents’ complaints regarding a sound source that no one could identify and not everyone could hear (identified as “the hum”), Acentech was hired by the Board of Public Works and Safety of the City of Kokomo in November 2002 to perform the following tasks:

  • Establish definitively if the sound exists
  • If the sound is found to exist, determine the source or sources of the sound
  • If the source or sources are identified, identify abatement strategies for them

To perform these tasks most effectively, the company decided to divide the project into the following phases:

  • Resident interviews
  • Monitoring at residents’ homes to identify and localize sources
  • Monitoring at the source locations to identify specific sources
  • Work with the owners of the identified sources to reduce their emission.

This report describes the results of the mysterious Kokomo Hum experiments.

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