Bardarbunga Update: New Eruption Point – Volcanic Fissure – Opens Up at Bardarbunga Volcano in Iceland (VIDEO)


Breaking news out of Iceland… a NEW eruption point (new volcanic fissure) has opened up miles away from the original volcanic rift which formed near the Bardarbunga caldera.

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Is a new volcanic fissure opening up at Bardarbunga?

Yes the picture above suggests that a NEW eruption point has broken out at Bardarbunga Volcano in Iceland! It is actually between 5pm – 8pm (Iceland local time) that you can observe the new volcanic plume rising into the sky. i the video of the event below you clearly see the old volcanic fissure glowing red in the back and this new volcanic smoke in front:

As described by SinceDutch:


The new volcanic fissure must be forming along the slopes of the mountain top which the webcams reside upon. The formation is rather unexpected, due to its proximity to the cameras.

This new fissure is currently melting the icesheet / snow / glacier above it, causing large amounts of steam to rise, mixed with volcanic gas. forming a plume of dark smoke/steam reaching out across the volcanic basin of Bardarbunga.


This is really something to keep watch upon. Imagine if more areas would begin to rupture… We would then call this eruption: The Bardarbunga Doom!

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