Mystery Booms And Rumbling Heard And Felt In Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas


The source of mystery booms and rumbling heard at points across the ArkLaTex from Marshall to Keithville to Haughton remains a mystery at this hour.

Did you also hear it?

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US Map: ArcLaTex

The reverberation was heard and felt by staffers at KSLA News 12 at the studios on Fairfield Ave. in Shreveport’s Highland neighborhood at 4:27 p.m. The concussion rattled windows. Meteorologist Jeff Castle says the closest incidence of possible thunder at that time was in Monroe, to the east in Ouachita Parish. Some reports say it shook the ground. Some reports describe the sound and accompanying vibration as a “sonic boom.” But the source remains unknown.

Neither explosions nor incidents were reported at Calumet in Shreveport and in Cotton Valley. Camp Minden and the Barksdale Air Force Base were also quiet – that is what they say! No earthquakes! Did you see a fireball or meteor at this time?

“My couch came up off the floor a little bit, my back wall felt like it was going to cave in, it was so loud!” says Linda Stewart, who lives off of Shirley Francis Rd. in Greenwood. Pretty freaky!

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  1. I was at work and we thought a limb might have fallen on the building, but nothing. At the time I wasn’t thinking of the other mysterious booms heard in other parts of the country. It shook our entire building, what’s the cause? One can only wonder!

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