Apocalyptic Mud Floods in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia – November 5, 2014


Cameron Highlands was hit by flashfloods and a landslide on Wednesday night (Nov 5), killing three people, damaging 20 houses and forcing 150 people to be evacuated.

The mud flood was caused by continuous heavy downpour, causing the water level at the Sungai Ringlet to rise and breached its banks.

The incident occurred at 6.30 pm on Wednesday, November 5, 2014, when the water in the Sultan Abu Bakar Dam was released in stages because the water level started increasing rapidly due to heavy rain.

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Cameron Highlands floods 2014. Terrifying! Photo: Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia

The dam water had to be released to prevent the dam from bursting following continuous and heavy rain. The release triggered the water in the nearby Bertam River to suddenly rise and breach its banks.

As a result, Ringlet Town was also hit by flash floods when the water level in the Bertam river nearby overflowed the river banks.

These extreme flooding killed five and injured another five residents. It also affected 203 people from 47 families in Kampung Baru Ringlet and Lembah Bertam, who were forced to be moved to the Ringlet Community Hallto wait for a lull.

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