Giant sinkhole destroys Highway ARA-1 in Spain


A sinkhole opened up and destroyed parts of the Aragonese highway ARA-1 as a result of an extraordinary rise of the Ebro River. 

Water has infiltrated below the road, destroying the two lanes going in the direction of the N-2 to the N-232 and deforming the opposite direction.

giant sinkhole swallows highway in Aragon spain march 2015, sinkhole highway Aragon spain, sinkhole destroy aragon highway, La crecida del Ebro provoca un socavón en la autopista ARA-1 en Aragón, La autopista aragonesa ARA-1 ha quedado inutilizada este mañana como consecuencia de la crecida extraordinaria del río Ebro.

Pretty normal that officials decided to cut the traffic after this giant sinkhole swallowed up the road! 

Link: El agua destroza la ARA-1, que ya ha sido cortada al tráfico via

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