Apocalyptic floods in Izmir, Turkey – Raging water drags people and vehicules in streets


izmir flooding, izmir flooding 2015, izmir flooding may 2015, izmir flooding may 2015 video, woman dragged by waters during izmir floods may 2015, izmir floods may 2015 video, izmir flooding many 2015It was a battle between life and death for many in Izmir as flood waters engulfed the city yesterday!

Raging water dragged a woman over two kilometers and pulled cars away paralyzing life in the city for a moment!

The apocalyptic floods in Izmir destroyed and damaged many homes and businesses. A woman was dragged more than 2 kilometers and rescued by her running husband. Luckily she wasn’t hit by too many vehicules also dragged by the furious waters:

Flood waters reached in some parts more than two meters height.

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