Giant fireball explodes over Ireland in a blast as powerful as a nuclear explosion


meteor ireland video 2015, meteor ireland, meteor ireland 2015, meteor ireland march 2015, meteor ireland april 2015 video, giant fireball explosion ireland 2015Watch the amazing moment a meteor turned into a fireball as powerful as a nuclear explosion.

Can you imagine? The blast was so visible that the Irish Coast Guard contacted Astronomy Ireland because of too many reports of undetermined distress flares.

Experts believe it broke off from an asteroid in orbit between Mars and Jupiter and headed towards earth at 100,000 mph.

The footage, recorded on Sunday, March 26, 2015, at around 10.10pm by the United Kingdom Meteor Observing Network at Portadown, is almost perfect because the fireball disintegrated much lower – 21 miles above Ireland – than the usual 50 to 70 miles up.

Well hopefully somebody will find some pieces of this space rock as it may help us to understand another piece of our solar system formation

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