Latest animal die-offs around the world: Whales, antelopes, pelicans, avian flu


Within the last few days, animal die-offs have not diminished around the world!

Whales are stranding ashore in large numbers in California… Is this due to the recent oil spill? Moreover something unprecedent is happening in Kazakhstan, where hundred thousands of endangered antelopes and pelicans are dying off! And of course, bird flu is still killing astronomical numbers of birds in the US and around the world!

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May 26 2015, USA – 12th whale in 2 months wash ashore at Point Reyes National Seashore, California. Link

May 26 2015, USA – Oil spill kills thousands of sea animals in Gavieta. Link

May 25 2015, New Zealand – Pygmey whale killed on beach at Porongahau Beach. Link

May 25 2015, Kazakhstan – More than 125,000 endangered Saiga antelopes dead. Link

May 25 2015, Kazakhstan – 70 dalmatian pelicans found dead along the Kigach River Delta. Link

May 24 2015, Portugal – Thousands of fish wash up along dam in Evora. Link

May 24 2015, Mexico – Giant mass die-off on coastal Isla Mujeres. Link

May 23 2015, USA – 7th dead gray whale in 5 weeks in Sonoma County. Link

May 22 2015, Thailand – Large fish kill in river in Nakhon Nayok Province. Link

May 21 2015, USA – Avian flu kills 40 million birds in Midwest. Link

More mass die-off news and animal strange behaviors!

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