Rocks can talk: Listen to the eerie humming noises of Utah’s iconic arches


Rocks can talk or at least emit strange humming sounds!

Listen to what the iconic sandstone arches of southeastern Utah have to say! Impressive!

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Jeffrey Moore 

We have already visited the ringing stones of Pennsylvania.  Well now discover the eerie murmures of different arches across Canyonlands National Park, Utah:

The loud hum of Corona Arch

The hum of Double-O Arch in audible frequencies

It turns out that the sandstone arches in Utah’s National Parks are “talking” to us… Yes, everything around us is resonating and each have different resonant properties.

Resonating arches make funny sounds, if you could hear them. Speeding up the ambient vibration data makes this possible.

And what do those sounds mean?

Well, if they change in tone over time, it could signal that the arch itself is cracked or getting weaker. The long-term goal is to try to sense changes that might precede collapse as toward the end of the arch’s life cycle, there’s a lot going on internally.

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