Tornado signs: Sky turns green during tornado event


Why does the sky turn green before a tornado?

This still unexplained phenomenon baffles scientists… And is local specific! Weird!

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Green sky, rotating clouds, sirens screaming in the background in Georgia

So why does the sky turn green before a tornado? Scientists haven’t quite figured out the reason for this phenomenon. Moreover, the greenish-yellow sky before a storm is common in some parts of the world, while totally absent in others.

Here a green sky just before a tornado hit Toronto, Canada:

Their are actually two theories trying to explained this weird sky phenomenon:

1. Air molecules scatter light

[quote_box_center]To understand this first theory, try picturing mountains in the distance, which often look a deepening blue. That blue color stems from the scattering of light by air molecules. The same reason, scattered light, causes the sky to look blue. Now remember that the strongest storms tend to happen late in the day. Some experts think that, before a thunderstorm, golden-reddish light from a sun low in the sky – and a natural bluing effect of the air – combine to create a green sky. The storm provides a dark backdrop and offsets this greenish or yellowish hue.[/quote_box_center]

And here an extreme storm video near Big Lake, MN in 2010:

2. Water is intrinsically blue.

[quote_box_center]A different meteorological theory holds that storm clouds themselves may help make the color of the sky bluish-green. To understand this theory, you first need to know that water is intrinsically blue (sometimes you can see the bluish tint of water in a white bathtub). It could be that the storm clouds — which are filled with water — provide the color blue, which, again, is illuminated by the golden light of a low sun to create the color green.[/quote_box_center]

Finally a tornado in Brooklyn with green cloud on September 16 2010:

But one thing is sure! If the sky turns green during a thunderstorm, gather up your pets and other loved ones and head for the cellar, a twister my be on the way.

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