ISS looks like an unknown, alien spacecraft when tracked manually with a telescope


Look at this awesome gif of the International Space Station!

The blurriness and graininess make me imagine this is footage captured of an unknown, non-human spacecraft and it’s being shown around the world as confirmation life exists elsewhere in the solar system/galaxy.

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Redditor: bubbleweed

Asexplained by redditor bubbleweed:

[quote_box_center]As the ISS was passing over last night, I manually tracked it with my telescope and snapped as many pictures as I could. I’ve put them together in a sequence here.

The telescope used is a Celestron C11 SCT. The mount is a CGEM dx. I attached a canon 1100D with a t-adapter and focused on Jupiter. Then I powered off the mount and manually tracked the ISS by hand while keeping the button down on the camera.[/quote_box_center]

Here another weird picture of ISS.

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