Latest animal mass die-offs for July 2015 – Will they ever stop?


Animal mass die-offs aren’t declining beginning of this month!

Most of them again occurred in water. We are actually polluting and killing what we drink and eat!

July 3 2015, Vietnam – Massive shrimp kill in Mekong Delta. Link

July 2 2015, USA – Investigating the diamondback terrapin turtle mass die-offs in New York. Link

July 2 2015, Barbados – 37 Hawksbill turtles found dead at beach in Christ Church. Link

July 2 2015, Italy – Thousands of fish, eels and frogs dead in Tursi. Link

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Jellyfish on Westward Ho! taken by Jon Webb.

July 2 2015, Colombia – Fish kill in Malambo. Link

July 1 2015, UK – Thousands of jellyfish wash on beaches in North Devon. Link

July 1 2015, Tasmania – Massive fish kill along the Scamander River. Pollution? Link

July 1 2015, India – 1,255 wild animals found dead in three talukas of Bhanvnagar district. Link

Discover a exhaustive list of 2015 animal mass die-offs.

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