24 Photographs That Prove That Humanity Is Not Yet Lost


Are humanity and goodness incompatible?

If so, we suggest you restore faith in humanity and kindness through these pictures, showing us that the human being is capable of the best … and not just the worst. Enjoy.

1. The man who stopped to help an elderly woman carry her bags up the stairs

25-moving-pictures-that-you-prove-that he-y-has-yet-a-hope-for-lhumanite18via Imgur

2. Those parents who leave a tip of $ 50 (€ 37) to honor the memory of their deceased child

20-moving-pictures-that-you-prove-that he-y-has-yet-a-hope-for-lhumanite13

via propelsteps

“A random act of love in memory of our son Joel. It illuminated the lives of everyone, this can illuminate yours. Thank you. “

3. This sign warns that a surfboard was recovered lost until its owner is manifested, while someone else could steal

20-moving-pictures-that-you-prove-that he-y-has-yet-a-hope-for-lhumanite2

via Imgur

“If you left your new board here we have it. Call us. “

4. The rider who sacrifices his career to give drink to a Koala

25-moving-pictures-that-you-prove-that he-y-has-yet-a-hope-for-lhumanite1

via rufor.org

5. These people share electricity so they can call their families during the storm in New York in 2012

25-moving-pictures-that-you-prove-that he-y-has-yet-a-hope-for-lhumanite17

via TheShizz

“You can come and charge your phone if you want. “

6. This offering free laundry services to the most deprived persons

25-moving-pictures-that-you-prove-that he-y-has-yet-a-hope-for-lhumanite25

via Twicsy

“If you’re unemployed and you need to own a business meeting, we will wash you free. “

7. This girl turned around to help another runner

25-moving-pictures-that-you-prove-that he-y-has-yet-a-hope-for-lhumanite12

via TheIndependent.co.uk

8. The man who offers hot chocolate to a person living on the street refrigerated

25-moving-pictures-that-you-prove-that he-y-has-yet-a-hope-for-lhumanite6

via redstatedems

9. These Christians protecting Muslims during their prayers during the riots in Cairo in 2011

25-moving-pictures-that-you-prove-that he-y-has-yet-a-hope-for-lhumanite23

via Imgur

10. The firefighter giving oxygen to a kitten rescued

25-photography-full of emotions-that-you-prove-that-humanity-nest-not-yet-perdue4

via beautiful-picturest

11. The owner of a shop who quits his job to feed a disabled on the street

25-moving-pictures-that-you-prove-that he-y-has-yet-a-hope-for-lhumanite16

via banoosh

12. People helpng authorities to lift a car and save the life of a biker under it

25-moving-pictures-that-you-prove-that he-y-has-yet-a-hope-for-lhumanite14

via standard.net

13. These people queuing for hours to donate blood after a violent explosion in Beirut, Lebanon

25-moving-pictures-that-you-prove-that he-y-has-yet-a-hope-for-lhumanite8

via peluchinga

14. biker who abandons his vehicle to stop traffic and help an elderly person cross

25-moving-pictures-that-you-prove-that he-y-has-yet-a-hope-for-lhumanite26

via blog.joins

15. The man who offers his food to a homeless man who lost both arms.

25-moving-pictures-that-you-prove-that he-y-has-yet-a-hope-for-lhumanite9

via giaoduc

16. The woman who helps a disabled person during a downpour

25-moving-pictures-that-you-prove-that he-y-has-yet-a-hope-for-lhumanite7

via knnc

17. This little girl gets a visit from his hero, Brian O’Driscoll (Irish rugby player) in her hospital room

25-moving-pictures-that-you-prove-that he-y-has-yet-a-hope-for-lhumanite3

via personalitycafe

18. The crowd that allows a young guy in wheelchair to participate actively in concert

25-moving-pictures-that-you-prove-that he-y-has-yet-a-hope-for-lhumanite15

via thatsright

19. firefighter that gives water to a Koala during the fires that ravaged Australia in 2009

25-moving-pictures-that-you-prove-that he-y-has-yet-a-hope-for-lhumanite27


20. The man who embraces his dog after having found him under the rubble of his house blown away by a tornado 

25-moving-pictures-that-you-prove-that he-y-has-yet-a-hope-for-lhumanite28

via civilwartalks

21. The man who gives his shoes to a homeless 

25-photography-full of emotions-that-you-prove-that-humanity-nest-not-yet-perdue1

via forwards

22. Subway restaurant that provides meals to homeless

25 photography full of emotions that prove humanity not yet lost

via Madmoizelle

“Free meals for the homeless every Friday from 15h to 17h”

23. The man who saves kittens during a flood 

25-photography-full of emotions-that-you-prove-that-humanity-nest-not-yet-perdue3

via giornalettismo

24. This little boy giving a sandwich to a homeless person on the street

25-moving-pictures-that-you-prove-that he-y-has-yet-a-hope-for-lhumanite11


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