Giant Halloween fireball explodes in the sky of Minsk, Belarus (video)


Is that the first Halloween fireball?

A spectacular fireball exploded on October 30, 2015 in the sky over Minsk, the capital city of Belarus.

This awesome picture was captured on October 30, 2015 in Slovenia… And watch the amazing video of the Minsk green meteor below!

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This bright and green fireball was caught by Marko Korosec over Artvize, Slovenia. The green meteor had two bright flashes and lit up the ground as it suddenly exploded at 18:14 local time.

Could this be the same fireball as that witnessed in the sky of Minsk? Probably not as both events occurred 1 hour apart (18:14 vs 21:45). But this really means that we have an increased meteor activity.

Such a giant Halloween fireball.

Meanwhile another giant Taurid fireball disintegrated in the sky of Poland on October 31, 2015. Awesome videos!

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  1. I saw a large one in Hattiesburg MS at 4am. I was down the road from work when I saw it. My coworker was waiting at the front door and as I walked up realized he was looking down at his phone. I said, “You didn’t see that meteor..did you?” He didn’t.

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