Millions of sockeye and pink salmon mysteriously disappear from Fraser River run – Fukushima?


What happened to all those sockeye and pink salmon that were supposed to return to the Fraser River, BC, Canada?

Millions of salmon have mysteriously disappeared from the Fraser River run. And that frightens scientists… Where have they gone? Nobody knows.

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Pink and sockeye salmon reaching the Fraser River in low numbers in 2015 are baffling scientists. Where have they all gone? Nobody knows. Photo:

[…] Up to now, only about two million sockeye returned, far short of the more than six million predicted in preseason forecasts. Even more dramatic was the collapse of the pink salmon on the Fraser, with only about five million fish showing up when more than 14 million had been forecast.[…]

And again, the federal government doesn’t want to speak about the troubling salmon run.

So what happened to all those sockeye and pink salmon that were supposed to return to the Fraser River?

Some scientist believe that some stocks are in serious trouble. The forecasts showed a strong run of pink salmon, but then, in the middle of the run, the fish just stopped arriving. WITHIN TWO DAYS!

Millions of fish that should have been coming in the second half of the run just didn’t materialize. They have disappeared mysteriously, without explanations.


Mass die-off? Fukushima radiation? Pollution? Where have these salmons suddenly disappeared. There are probably more needs to be done to protect salmon and their habitat.

Read more: Millions of B.C. salmon mysteriously ‘just disappear’ in troubling year – Globe and Mail and Late sockeye numbers ‘disturbingly low,’ monitoring group says – Vancouver Sun

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  1. The U.S. NRC is considering a proposal to RAISE RADIATION exposure levels that YOU and YOUR FAMILY can be exposed to by 50 to 100 times, even children and pregnant women.

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  2. It is wrong to say “Nobody Knows”. They certainly know it is all from Fukushima’s uncontained, uncontrolled China Syndrome meltdowns still going on today! It is the reason they conspired to arrest Dana Durford for relentlessly informing the public about the death of sea-life along the British Columbia coast since 3-11.

    It is the reason they spend so much on spy agencies and P.R. firms to interfere with people even talking about Fukushima on forums.
    There isn’t one that hasn’t been infested with paid or automated trolls.
    It is the reason they dole out billions in bribes for political “campaigns” to own the nuke policy votes of the person the paid off. Obama did not get a boatload of money from Entergy to close down nuke plants or tell the truth about contamination from Fukushima.
    They own tv news by controlling the network ownership, boards of directors and advisers. They do it to be sure some stories never get covered.
    They instantly re-edit any mention of nuke plant related cancers on Wikipedia whenever they should be posted.
    They control popular web news sharing sites like Reddit.
    They make blogs like unviewable by screwing with G00gle encryption.

    They are allowed (every time) to run nuke plants indefinitely and for years after their licenses have expired. EVERY time…. because they control the regulators. They control the DOE. They own the white house, the senate, the congress the governors all down the line. They own the judiciary.
    They own Canada. They own the judiciary in Canada. They own the newspapers in Canada.
    They silence You Tube. Dana is the most important voice on You Tube and he has been silenced.
    They own our DNA (altered by fallout).
    They own our sanity (stolen by radiation poisoning causing dementia)
    They own our bloodstream (full of cancers inw waiting)
    They own our voices (cowed by fear of prison like Dana is threatened with)
    They own our children (DARPA writes school curriculum and cancers, heart disease epidemic in children)
    They own the enviro groups (paid off)
    They own alternative media (who get funds after getting thru Bill Moyers’ firewall)
    They own radio and broadcasting (own as in own)
    They own our minds.

    Everyone knows.
    Everyone knows.

  3. I believe that the dies offs are the first sign of a coming extinction event that was warned by our ancestors. These die offs have been happening all over the planet…Fukushima is nothing more than a convenient cover for why the planet’s radiation levels are rising and why animals are dying in the Pacific. If people want to know the truth, they need to look no further than the constellation of Aquarius, where a second solar wind suddenly appeared from in 2010….the same year the fireballs started from the same region of space and the same year the die offs began.

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