The US is experiencing some very strange weather – Boston & NYC WARMER on Christmas Eve Than LA


The US is experiencing some very strange weather -Boston & NYC WARMER on Christmas Eve than on the 4th of July.

Yes, it was WARMER in Boston and New York than in LA on Christmas Eve…

First, let’s recap. January-June 2015 was the hottest on recordJuly was the hottest July on record. August was the hottest August on record. September was the hottest September on record. October was the hottest October on record. November was the hottest November on record. December is not over yet, but in all likelihood, it will be the hottest December on record.

Here’s a look at the meteorological surreality of the December 24 forecast.

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The 2015 Christmas Eve was the warmest on record in the US history. Map:

Anyway, this was the warmest Christmas Eve ever for much of the country…

A consequence of the strongest El Nino on record?

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  1. Lake Baikal has been experiencing earthquakes too. There seems to have been quite a few of them since March 2015. I believe that the lake is an ancient fault line and wonder if the quakes have anything to do with the lowering of the lake level there – unless there is another natural dynamic I am unaware of.

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