Heart-shaped lenticular cloud for Valentine’s Day


On a Valentine’s Day like today, one might be prone to seeing heart-shaped symbols where they don’t actually exist.

Well this featured heart was really a lenticular cloud that appeared in July 2015 above Mount Cook National Park in New Zealand.

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Michael Kunze via The Sky in Motion

As explained by Astronomy Picture of the Day:

The cloud’s red color was caused by the Sun rising off the frame to the right. Lenticular clouds are somewhat rare but can form in air that passes over a mountain. Then, vertical eddies may form where rising air cools past the dew point causing water carried by the air to condense into droplets.

Here a companion video showing that the lenticular cloud was mostly stationary in the sky but shifted and vibrated with surrounding winds. The love cloud appears after 1:29:

Happy Valentine’s Day to everybody.

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