Foam and wave apocalypse during storm Imogen in the UK


Storm Imogen is paralysing the UK and creating a foam apocalypse along the coast.

Here some impressive video of this powerful weather phenomenon.

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UK Met Office

In this amateur video by Rosie you could almost believe you enter a giant soap bath on Croyde beach, UK:

Amateur camera women Rosie captured this down on Croyde beach this morning. She’s made it on to the news.

Posted by Offshore Croyde on Monday, February 8, 2016

And now look at these giant waves:

Large parts of Britain are being hit by fierce gusts and torrential rain as Storm Imogen sweeps in. For example in Aberystwyth:

or Southsea:

Here satellite imagery showing Storm Imogen as it approaches the UK bringing wind gusts up to 96 mph on the Isle of Wight:

This is how the UK Meteological Office decides to name storms:

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