Earthquake booms as M4.2 earthquake rattles Oklahoma


Earthquake booms were reported across Oklahoma as a M4.2 quake hit around Crescent.

Did you also hear any noises related to this frackquake?

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via USGS

The moderately strong fracking quake occurred at 4:53am just 5km (3mi) of Crescent, Oklahoma on March 29, 2016. The epicenter was situated at a depth of 4.9 km (3.1 mi).

According to reports left on EMSC_CSEM, the quake produced loud booms that were felt up to 162km away from the epicenter. Amazing!

Oklahoma City (United States) (44 km S from epicenter) Heard rumble like a machine. Slight movement but not much but kids stirred in their sleep in next room at exactly same time.

Guthrie (United States) (25 km SE from epicenter) Hear it before we felt it long enough to say “Earthquake” and then a couple of more seconds then we felt it for quite a while.  We were impn bed and it moved for several seconds.

Wichita (United States) (189 km N from epicenter) Felt like someone had hit a wall outside. Made bed move

Dustin (United States) (162 km SE from epicenter): Noise woke me up from sleep. Windows were rattling forcefully and bed moved for about a minute.

Broken Arrow (United States) (161 km E from epicenter): Heard it and felt the house move. It only moved for 1-2 seconds. I was awake and watched it wake up my husband.

Guthrie (United States) (20 km SE from epicenter) I was jolted awake and it felt like the wall was bowing inward . I believe there was a rumble before that , just not as strong .

Tulsa (United States) (149 km E from epicenter): Heard a loud house noise (creak) followed by several seconds of significant shaking.

Mayfield (United States) (138 km N from epicenter) Lots of rocking and rumbling

Cleveland (United States) (106 km E from epicenter) Heard it didn’t feel it

Another M4.1 quake hit the same spot 6 hours later.

Did you also hear that earthquake boom?

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