Exploding fireball disintegrates in the night sky of Rai Valley New Zealand


This exploding fireball disintegrated in the night sky of Rai Valley, New Zealand at around 9pm on April 5, 2016.

According to an astronomer, this brighter-than-normal meteor was likely the size of a tennis ball and travelling at between 10km to 30km per second.

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by Jono Matla via NZ Herald

Here some reports about this extremely bright space object:

Was out side getting some air and this star so big; so close shot past. It was fast it had a flame look on it and a triangle like a rainbow. Most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Great memory. We live in waiwhetu it looked like it crashed in Porirua.

Last night about 9pm I was gabbing my last bit of shopping out of the boot when I had seen seen a a bright light falling from the sky.I thought It was fireworks BUT I didn’t here a bang or anything the tail light was so bright it was like it dropped by the wharf

Was 21:08, we were going home from the movies in Newlynn to Titirangi, when this huge blue/green fireball cross the sky in front of our eyes, coming from east towards west and what I believe was very low, as was travelling so fast.

Last night (tues 5 April 2016) I caught sight of a beautiful, white comet-like star flaming and falling down through the sky, orange glow in front of the orb as it fell. Above the South Coast (eastern suburb of Melrose) in Wellington.

I was sitting outside on Bradway, Newmarket facing South/West at about 2130hrs 05/04/2016 when I saw the meteor. Seemed much larger than any shooting star i’ve ever seen and the tail was a greenish colour. Quite an amazing site.

Sitting on the couch in Granity Northern Buller and saw this huge white flash of light in the northern sky about 9pm. It was heading east to west out to sea. Looked quite low and was so spectacular I thought “OMG it’s a plane crash” and rushed outside. What an amazing thing!

Palmerston north, sitting outside having a cigarette at just past 9pm. Just east of the orion constellation i spot the meteor enter in in all its glory, growing brighter and brighter until it eventually fizzled from all the friction. Looked like a massive arc weld happening in the sky. witnessed a flaming orb of blue /green colors. It had a long tail, with blue and orange and was moving rapidly down at around 45 degrees. I guess it went behind Mt Ngongotaha when I lost sight of it. Absolutely mindblowing!!

Here is a video of the exploding meteor captured by Peter Firmin on the 5th of April 2016, in Rai Valley, South Island of New Zealand:

Did you also see it?

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