Strange noises reported during M5.6 earthquake hits Romania


A M5.6 earthquake hit the Vrancea seismic area, Romanian just before midnight on September 23, 2016 creating strange noises and rumblings.

Tremors of the strongest earthquake this year in Romania were felt across Romania and in neiboghring Moldova, Serbia, Bulgaria, Ukraine.

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via USGS

The quake hit at 02:11 a.m. Saturday (2311 GMT) and its epicenter was in the eastern Vrancea region.

The earthquake was felt in the capital Bucharest, as well as in other cities in the Muntenia, Moldova, and Dobrogea regions. The shaking lasted more than 30 seconds according to unofficial statements.

This is how the earthquake was felt in Moldova:

This was one of the strongest earthquakes felt in Romania in recent years (M5.5 on on October 6, 2013) but not the strongest ever as shown in this list.

Minor damage and injuries have been reported in Iasi. Plaster fell off one building, and there were reports of objects falling in peoples’ homes. Some residents spent the night outside. A dozen people called Iasi’s emergency services after suffering panic attacks.

The earthquake was felt across a vast area in Eastern Europe. Luckily, it was so deep!

romania earthquake, romania earthquake september 2016, strong earthquake romania, strong earthquake shakes romania and europe
Reports of felt tremors for the Romania’s earthquake.

People reported loud noise and a frightening experience:

Iasi – I always hear them before happening. I always wake up perfectly conscious seconds before a significant earthquake. Is their sound coming before the actual vibration? I am at significant distance from epicentre.

Iasi – Couch moving, loud noise between two waves. Small wooden object fell from shelf and broke. Scary.

Brasov – At first it was some noise from the outside and the glassware kept shaking, after few seconds the chandelier began to shake, too, it all lasted around 20 seconds. First floor, no damage.

Bucharest – I heard a peculiar strange noise

Bucharest – Woke up about 5 minutes before the shake cause the cat had placed himself on my legs, and I needed to find a better position. About 5 minutes later I heard a sound like our dog was scratching himself, and turned the light on, but no dog in the bedroom. Then I felt the light shaking and saw that the ceiling lamp started to swing. A quite short shaking (like I have felt a few times here in Bucharest) and no damage.

Sanpetru Jud. Brasov – short (20 sec) but strong wind, noise, doors of bungaloo opened, horizontal shaking

vrav – Was asleep both woke up to a slight movement or noise .

Kiev – 8th floor horizontal shaking, sound like water falling ( fragments of bricks from floors above )

Did you also feel it?

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