More than 48,000 earthquakes have hit Central Italy since the deadly August 24, 2016 quake


Since the deadly earthquake on August 24, 2016, more than 48,200 earthquakes have hit central Italy…

And there is no signs of rest…

Central Italy is shaking without interuption since August 24, 2016. The INGV reported on January 20, 2017 that the sequence has even reached 48,000.

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Map of seismic sequence in Central Italy between August24, 2016 and January 10, 2017. In recent days the seismic activity is mainly concentrated in the provinces of L’Aquila (Montereale, Pizzoli, Capitignano, Campotosto, Cagnano Amiterno) and Rieti (Amatrice). Earthquakes from the last 72 hours are highlighted in a color other than blue. via INGV

The video below shows the spatial distribution of the seismic sequence in Central Italy from August 24, 2016 al 21 January 2017 (M>2.5).

And the earthquake unrest continues.

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