Mud volcano erupts in Azerbaijan, 80 exhalations at Popocatepetl (Mexico), Etna (Italy) blows smoke rings and eruption at Mawson Peak (Australia)


Meanwhile, lava is being ejected in several parts of the world.

The volcanic unrest continues: A mud volcano erupted in Azerbaijan on February 6, 2017; 80 exhalations were reported within the last 24 hours at Popocatepetl (Mexico); Mount Etna (Italy) has blown several rings today and an effusive activity was captured by satellite images at Mawson Peak (Australia).

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Etna volcano puffed smoke rings this morning in Italy. via Facebook

A mud volcano erupted in a suburb of Azerbaijan’s capital Baku on February 6, 2017. Its flaming eruption was recorded by numerous witnesses.

The Republican Seismic Survey Center of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS) has recorded at least two eruptions at 12:20pm local time and 2:18pm. After 30 seconds in this next movie, you really can image the heght of the flame:

In the last 24 hours,  80 exhalations with steam and gas emission were registered at Popocatépetl volcano. Additionally, three volcanotectonic earthquakes (M1.4, M1.5 and M1.1) were recorded at 5:44pm and 11:37pm and 05:06am, respectively.

etna, etna eruption, smoke ring etna, smoke ring etna pictures, smoke ring etna video
Smoke rings were photographed on February 7, 2017 at Etna volcano in Italy. via Facebook

A continuous emission of steam and gas is currently ejected to the southeast at the summit of the Mexican volcano.

After an explosive activity at the end of January, the Mawson Peak, located on Heard island, Australia had an effusive activity.

mawson peak eruption
incandescence at the crater and on a flow at Mawson Peak – 04.02.2017 Landsat8 Nasa / USGS

In the Landsat 8 images taken on 4 February, incandescence at the summit and lava and mud flows can be seen on the north-west slope of the volcano.

Kilauea is currently just too awesome not to be shown here:

The volcanic unrest will never stop!

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