Enormous sinkhole threatens Pinole retirement home community (video)


An enormous sinkhole has opened up on a street in Pinole and is threatening a large retirement community.

The sinkhole which has swallowed the access road behind the building has grown to about 50 feet wide within last week. And doesn’t seem to want to stop growing.

Seniors in Pinole retirement home are watching with fear how a small sinkhole has grown to a whopping 50 feet wide in weeks and is slowly swallowing the access road behind their building.

The giant sinkhole clawed out a wide section of the road connecting the facility’s front and back parking lots, taking with it the water, power and phone lines that supplied the building.

Huge Sinkhole Opens Behind Pinole Retirement Home. giant sinkhole san francisco, giant sinkhole pinole, pinole sinkhole video
This Huge Growing Sinkhole Opened Up Behind Pinole Retirement Home. via CBS News San Francisco

So far, the building is not at risk of collapse and residents have not been evacuated. But as a precaution residents have stopped using an exercise room and dining hall closest to the slide.

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