Loud booms and rumblings as M3.4 quake hits Mankato, Kansas


A M3.4 earthquake rattled Mankato, Kansas just before 1:00 p.m., Tuesday, April 4, 2017.

People reported loud booms and and strong shaking across the State.

earthquake kansas april 2017, A M3.4 earthquake hit  Mankato, Kansas on April 4, 2017
A M3.4 earthquake hit Mankato, Kansas on April 4, 2017. Fracking related? via KGS.KU.EDU and USGS

Here some reports of residents:

I’m all the way in Russell and I knew there was no thunder but my some was downstairs and came running saying the loud noise and shaking scared him. I wonder if anyone else felt it here.

My house shook and a loud boom. Lasted only a few seconds here in Mankato.

Yep, like a bomb went off……..less than a mile from us

earthquake kansas 2017
The number of earthquake per month in Kansas (January to March 2017) via kgs.ku.edu

Yes loud boom and windows rattled

We heard it. Sounded like an explosion

Just to let you know, they are getting ready to frack in the Flint Hills of Kansas and maybe push the Keystone pipeline threw Kansas. So it it is most probably linked to FRACKING, like in Oklahoma.

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