18 earthquakes have hit the Seattle area in the last 24 hours – 40 tremors last week


Seattle-area is currently hit by a small earthquake swarm with 18 tremors reported in 24 hours.

About 40 tremors have been recorded in the last week.

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At least 40 earthquakes are rattling the Seattle area since a week. 18 in the last 24 hours. via Seattle Times

Did you feel the swarm? After two earthquakes early Thursday near Bremerton in the Kitsap Peninsula – M3.5 and M2.6 – , another M3.4 quake off Whidbey Island was reported by more than 700 people to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and rattled homes from Vashon Island to Bellevue to Lynnwood.

The earthquakes were the latest in a series of 18 tremors that have have hit the Seattle area in the last 24 hours. None had a magnitude greater than 3.6. Moreover, 40 tremors have been recorded in the last week in the same area.

The tremors are striking along the Seattle fault, which runs from Sammamish, through Bellevue, the southern edge of Seattle, and on to Bremerton.

According to seismologists, it is likely the Seattle swarm will end soon. Moreover, there is no reason to believe the Bremerton swarm would trigger the Whidbey earthquake, 50 kilometers away. A coincidence?

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  1. It is prett normal in the area. There are different faults crossing there. But it allo mean that there is lots of pressure around the Cascadia… And that could be really bad!

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