Rare weather phenomenon at Grand Canyon creates a sea of clouds


This isn’t an ocean! It’s the Grand Canyon in very rare form.

In rare circumstances, the atmosphere flips over and all of a sudden the clouds are at your feet. Although scientists say this weather phenomenon only happens every several years, it has already been reported last year, the year before and the year before before. An anomaly becomes recurrent!

On the vast majority of days, air temperature gets cooler as you go higher in the atmosphere. Put very simply, the ground is warm and the sky is not. And that’s why clouds form in the sky. 

In rare circumstances, cold air is at the ground and warm air is above it. The atmosphere flips over and all of a sudden the clouds are at your feet.

The phenomenon is called a total temperature inversion. A cold layer of air is trapped at the base of the canyon and is capped by a warm layer of air.

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Photograph captures rare phenomenon of clouds rolling inside Grand Canyon.

This rare weather phenomenon was captured in the video above of the Grand Canyon. The temperature inside the Grand Canyon cooled rapidly during the night. Any humidity that was in the air condensed into clouds.

Fog filling the Grand Canyon is relatively rare, happening only once every several years. Given how dry the Grand Canyon usually is, these incredible events happen only after rain. Sure? It has already happened in the last three years! Another weather anomaly.

Watch the Grand Canyon lit up by lightnings.

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